The more physical memory your Virtual Private Server has, the more applications you will be able to run simultaneously. Some programs require lots of RAM even when nothing else is running on the web server, even though they might not demand high Processor speeds or plenty of disk space. If your web server runs out of memory, it will stop responding and the Internet sites and the offline programs which you host on it shall not function adequately, as their software components shall not load since there will not be any free memory. In this light, we offer a RAM upgrade for our VPS packages, so if you discover that your web server is close to the limit, you can take advantage of this upgrade without upgrading the whole plan and paying for system resources that you will not use. In this way, you can ensure the proper performance of your scripts and stop concerning that your visitors will see errors or will not be able to open your Internet sites at all.
Additional RAM in VPS
You'll be able to benefit from the RAM upgrade at any time with any of our virtual private server packages. If you know ahead of time that you will require more memory, you could add it during the Virtual Private Server order procedure with a number of mouse clicks. In case you need RAM once your server is installed and operating, you will be able to add the required amount just as easily through the billing CP. Due to the fact that our system is adaptable, you'll have the opportunity to purchase memory in increments of 128 MB, thus you could get as much as you would like at any time and you'll be able to add RAM as often as required in case the first upgrade isn't sufficient. There will always be free memory on the physical web server where your virtual server is created, as we make sure that the unused system resources will be enough for any Virtual Private Server account to be upgraded substantially, regardless if the upgraded characteristic is the disk space, the physical memory, etcetera.