The quicker you kick off your website, the swifter your ideas will go live. Because of this, we’ve created a wonderful variety of more than 800 complimentary design themes that are featured in the Web Hosting Control Panel. You don’t need to invest hours surfing around galleries of matching themes and wishing that you may get an exceptional design and style for your website. All the templates are absolutely easy to customize and are accessible with every one of our cloud web hosting accounts.

The templates are dedicated to several subjects and actions. Trusted Web Hosting offers themes that are ideal for individual internet sites like blogs and for enterprise web sites, like online stores. Much of the themes are accessible only with Trusted Web Hosting’s cloud hosting services, and this gives you the opportunity to employ a completely unique style and design for your web site.

800+ Complimentary Design Themes

100% customizable. Auto Installation

To save you time when picking an appropriate look for your site, we’ve crafted a range of more than 800 complimentary design themes inside the Trusted Web Hosting Control Panel. The themes are built to address distinctive topics and desires – you will find designs both for personal sites including blogs or portfolios and company websites or web stores.

All our complimentary design themes are offered together with both the Web App Installer and then our Easy Site Installer. Consequently you can set up the theme you wish on a new web site within seconds.

Free Website Themes